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Navigating the ever-evolving San Francisco property market demands more than just knowledge - it requires unwavering commitment and a passion for the details. With over 20 years of combined hands-on experience, we ensure a frictionless home-buying journey from aspiration to acquisition and always use your time efficiently to ensure your goal of home ownership is achieved.

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1,000+ Homes Sold
$1B+ Lifetime Sales Volume
#1 Team in San Francisco
by The WSJ in 2023*
#6 Team in California
by RealTrends 2023*
300+ 5-Star Reviews
Zillow and Yelp
*Todd Montgomery and Marcus Lee are principals of The Condo Advisory.
Collective stats are sourced from the Condo Advisory submission
Client Success Stories
Sharda and Aarti | South Beach Luxury Condo

The Situation
We previously worked with a client to purchase primary and investment properties in San Francisco and the South Bay. The client had a liquidity event from a land sale and was looking to invest in real estate in the San Francisco condo market based on the data we provided. The data showed that the market had reached its trough and the statistics and early indicators we followed indicated a window of opportunity to purchase below historical trends and intrinsic long term value.

The Strategy
Our early indicators suggested the cyclical timing was right to consider a purchase for long term investment. From there, we analyzed data metrics to identify a list of potential target properties we were confident we could negotiate a deal with. We had time and an approach to create the conditions and relationships with listing agents to know when a seller was at the point of capitulation and ready to deal.

The Result
We utilized financing options to eliminate out-of-pocket costs for the down payment on a new home while making their We closed on a luxury two bedroom, two bathroom + den with bridge and water views $400k under its original sale price, and appraised for $125k over the purchase price.

Paul and Alice | Condo in SF and Single Family in Rockridge

The Situation
We assisted a client in purchasing a condo in Hayes Valley and a new home in Rockridge. They needed a fast sale after closing on their new home to raise liquidity and reduce carry cost.

The Strategy
We arranged bridge financing to cover liquidity requirements while allowing us to utilize Compass Concierge to cover the cost of updates and staging and time the sale to capitalize on the Spring Market while adopting an off-market approach to a targeted list of buyers and agents.

The Result
We utilized financing options to eliminate out-of-pocket costs for the down payment on a new home while making their offer more appealing; thereby delaying the need to sell assets to avoid capital gains. Furthermore, we found a market buyer, eliminating the need to spend on improvements while selling at the originally planned list price, increasing the client's net proceeds at the close of escrow.


The Situation
We assisted a client purchase the top two condos in a four unit building in a superior Pacific Heights location. The prior owner had made the condos contiguous and used as a single family. However, it legally never converted to combine the two units and had alienated the HOA.

The Strategy
Buyer Approach: We did an extraordinary amount of due diligence and partnered with the HOA to amend the CC&R to keep eliminations of the combined condos while bringing the units within code compliance. However, we also preplanned how we would approach this if they resold and created a strategy/contingency plan if they opted for a resale. Seller Approach: We added elements, made cosmetic updates, and staged the home to feel and function like a large single-family or two separate condos. We marketed them as three listings to appeal to the broadest audience at a practically challenging year in recent markets.

The Result
Through our multi-channel approach and creating unique custom marketing for two units and a single-family use case through cosmetic updates and superior staging we received multiple offers and sold both units to one buyer over list price and superior to the individual offers for each condo unit.

“We have had the absolute pleasure to work with Todd and his team on two occasions - first when buying our loft in 2013 and second time when buying our house in 2021. ”

Not only did Todd provide us with his immense knowledge and true professionalism when making the offer and finishing the deal, but also afterwards. We couldn’t have imagined how much he has helped and supported us along the way!

Buying a home in SF is not a trivial task at all and it can get overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience in real estate. You have to be prepared to make big decisions in little time and that’s when you better have someone trustworthy who knows the business, can handle all the details and is able to act fast. Todd’s expertise enabled us to smoothly and successfully execute the transaction both times. From the very beginning Todd was always there when we needed him and tirelessly answered our questions in a very timely manner - he makes himself available to clients in a way that you can only admire. Todd made it so much easier to go through and actually understand the disclosure packages, contracts and everything else that is involved. His effectiveness and experience cannot be matched. On top of all that Todd is indeed an amazing person and fun to talk to. He genuinely respects the clients and offers his opinions and guidance subtly and is never pushy. Todd also has a vast network of skilled professionals in different fields so he can recommend someone for anything you might need. If you have a chance to work with him and his team, please do not hesitate. We have wholeheartedly enjoyed the process, thank you so much Todd!

Megan and John
“Todd was exceptional in helping us navigate the home buying process in San Francisco. ”

He was highly professional, responsive, thoughtful and considerate throughout the process. We started our search in November / December, and Todd was very patient throughout our house hunt, which we finally closed in late June! Also, Todd has been helpful even after closing the transaction with his rolodex of referrals for everything from locksmiths, electricians to general contractors. We would definitely recommend Todd and work with him again in the future!

Alexander and Annabel
An Unparalleled Buyer Advantage

In San Francisco’s fiercely competitive real estate landscape, every advantage can help win the day. Our robust network, crafted over two decades, coupled with cutting-edge AI technology, doesn’t just level the playing field—it elevates your position.


Our esteemed reputation, deep-rooted relationships within the Bay Area real estate community, and our affiliation with Compass—the market leader for homes at all price points in San Francisco—provide us with unparalleled access to the most extensive off-market inventory in the city. This exclusive information widens your home search and can help identify motivated sellers.


We go beyond superficial engagement, offering seasoned insight based on multiple boom and bust real estate cycles. In addition to our network of top agents and cost-effective vendors, we offer streamlined client communications with market reports, timely activity reports, and curated recommendations. You will stay ahead of the curve while we work in the background.


With a keen eye on emerging trends and opportunities and a combined 20 years of hands-on experience, Montgomery & Lee have successfully educated, motivated, and championed hundreds of buyers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. With a hands-on approach, we guide our clients seamlessly through this opportunity with minimal stress.

Buyer’s Guide

We’d love to share our Buyer’s Guide that sheds light on our buying process and our strategies for optimizing it every step of the way.

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